Storytelling through music and audio. That's our mission - to help filmmakers and other storytellers find the voice of their narrative.

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Seth Podowitz   |   Audio Storyteller



I’ve always loved storytelling. Books, games, commercials, movies. You name it, I love it. 


In college I studied art, filmmaking and music composition, all the while trying to figure out how I could tell stories of my own. 


My first discovery (and first love) was film music. As a composer I have had the unique opportunity to work with wonderful artists and filmmakers, to help craft the narrative and emotional underpinning of stories as brief as 30-second ads and as long as seemingly-endless video games. 


My next discovery was the world of voice-over, in which I’ve spent nearly fifteen years as a director and teacher (and even as an agent for a little while) helping tell stories in various media.


Which has led me to the world of audiobooks. Both as an engineer and editor at Mosaic Audio and as an independent audio producer I have gotten to work with amazing narrators and publishers and help them to craft their stories.


I think we’re at the beginning of a new golden age of audio storytelling and I look forward to helping you tell yours.




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